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Zursh is a specialized network connecting professional researchers & information professionals with research requests.
Put your research skills to work. Leverage your research knowledge and sources by working on research requests published in Zursh platform.
Registrations are open only to qualified researchers & information professionals.


  1. To be eligible, you must have 2+ years of research work experience, preferably in the following categories:
    • Primary Market Research
    • Secondary Research
    • Competitive Intelligence Research
    • Marketing Research
    • Financial Research
    • Data mining & Quantitative Research
    • Healthcare Research
    • Legal Research
  2. You must have a university degree.
  3. Admission to the Zursh network is based on your profile completeness and research expertise.

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Zursh Wallet is a feature offered by Zursh to those who do not have paypal account or cannot have it because of regional restriction. In Zursh Wallet, we collect money on your behalf and pay you back through your preferred medium. Please check Zursh Wallet for more information. By selecting this options you are also agreeing to Zursh Wallet Terms and Conditions

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