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Zursh Referral Program FAQ

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1. Is there any cap on commissions?

There is no dollar cap on the commission you can earn. Also, there is no limit on the number of clients or number research requests per referred client. However, there is a period limit of 7 months for each referred client. This period starts the date the first research request is posted by the referred client. We may extend this period for top performers.

2. How is 5% calculated? what does the research request value mean?

5% is deducted form the research request value which is the amount paid by the referred client to the selected researcher and not the published budget posted. The client must post the research request in our research marketplace, select the best researcher and make final payment of the research work based on an agreed bid. The 5% is deducted from this bid amount.

3. What if I refer a professional or company that is already registered as a requestor in Zursh?

Clients already registered on Zursh or already referred by another party are ineligible.

4. How can I know that the client made a payment on your platform?

Once a client successfully makes payment for research work, we will notify you via your registered email, credit your account immediately with the commission earned and send your cash payment.

5. How are payments disbursed?

The frequency of cash disbursements will be totally up to you: We may either send you payment directly following final payment for each research request, or send you bulk payments periodically. The latter option is much more suitable for both parties when you refer high-volume clients.

General Terms

  1. Client referrals are only eligible for completed research requests. Completed requests are published, assigned and paid via our marketplace. All cash commissions are calculated off the final research value paid and not the research budget posted. The final research value is the bid price agreed on between the referred client and the researcher;
  2. Subsequent research requests from a referred client are eligible up to 7 months following the first posted research request;
  3. Clients already registered on Zursh or already referred by another party are ineligible;
  4. We may revise the referral terms from time to time. For example, we may extend the commission period from 7 months to 12 months for top performers and/or we may include additional financial and non-financial incentives. The most current version of the terms will govern and will be made available in this page. For more information about referrals, contact us at referrals@zursh.com