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We are the world's first automated marketplace for custom B2B research. We give you access to an extensive database of research buyers across multiple industry sectors. You can differentiate your go-to-market strategy using our best-in-class technology at no additional cost.

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We have dedicated resources to promote and sell your reports and publications using a combination of outbound and inbound marketing channels.


We accept only high-quality reports opting for quality over quantity. Our data platform model will offer your brand an exposure to global new practices.

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Step 1: Load your reports (or metadata) by filling out this metadata file

Step 2: Send the file to us via this link

Step 3: Our editorial team will process your reports

Step 4: Your reports are published and visible to our clients

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Report Title
Date Published
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No. of Tables
No. of Figures
Report Summary
Research Methodology (Summary)
Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Figures
Price (USD)
Countries Covered
Companies Covered
Sample Report Title 12/31/2014 16 5 6 A brief report summary to help understand the report in short. Please mention in short the methodology of the report. 1. Executive summary 2. Key statistics 3. Country overview Table 1 – Country statistics – 2015 (e) Table 2 – Telecom revenue and investment statistics – 2014 (e) Please mention the complete list of figures in the report. 2256 Argentina, Venezuela (choose country from dropdown provided in excel sheet) Computing and Technology, Telecommunications and Network (choose Industry from dropdown provided in excel sheet) English, Spanish (choose language from dropdown provided in excel sheet) Data Product (choose Report type from dropdown provided in excel sheet) Please mention the Companies Covered (Optional) Please mention the Keywords. (optional)

Tips to load your research reports faster:

  • Keep column header name unchanged
  • Try to avoid extra spaces in content
  • Do not delete any column and any spreadsheet
  • Keep spreadsheet name to "ReportMetaData"
  • If data is not availble for text column leave blank fields (for e.g Report Summary) .
  • If data is not availble for numeric column provide "0" as value (for e.g No#of Tables).

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