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Why Crowdsource Research

  • Research is time consuming and resource intensive

    Most of your competitors are delegating or outsourcing research functions to third-party players.
  • It is difficult to outsource research without giving out quality in the process

    Zursh network is exclusive only to high-quality researchers & information professionals. Crowdsourcing will make you achieve the maximum research effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Research landscape is a mess!

    Crowdsourcing research using Zursh model works well in sourcing quality research because researchers, information professionals, research topics, content providers and subscription database sources _ do not stack up neatly.

Why Use Zursh

  • Time saving

    There is too much information out there. Spend your valuable time using the quality information rather than searching for it!
     Work efficiently, leverage a research professional!
  • Research Expertise

    If you can´t find the information you need, leverage a professional researcher who can!
     Zursh researchers & information professional have the research knowledge & sources to search & present the quality information you need.
  • Subscription Access

    Most quality information is not available using free search engines! They are available in private subscription sources.
     Leverage Zursh information professional with the right research sources.
  • Subject Matter Expertise

    You may need an expert to provide post-deliverable recommendations on research findings.
     Expert Zursh researchers can add value & insight to the final deliverable by commenting on research finding based on their subject expertise.

Zursh Research Requests: Samples

  • Market Research Requests

    Pharmaceutical drug manufacturing in Brazil

    Renewable energy in Canada

    Mystery shopping in China

  • Science & Technology Research Requests

    Biofuel generators question

    NGS - Genome sequence of Drosophila melanogaster

  • Healthcare Research Requests

    Medical Journals Search

    Medicaid Actionable Best Practices

  • Legal Research Requests

    Canadian statues citation research - trust & estate law

    FDA court case summaries

    Frivolus lawsuit counterclaim

  • Data Administration Research Requests

    Linking over 50,000 parent companies with subsidiary addresses

    Links to Latam government agencies websources

  • Research Product Requests

    Internet & technology industry newsletter for China

  • Business & Finance Research Requests

    Financial data update / data pull

    Company profiling - retail industry

    Mortgage market sizing in China

    Initial coverage report for Baidu Inc.

    General banking overview for 200 countries: 64 variables

    Royal household financial profiles

    Dodd Frank summary

Our Research Requestors


  • "I have leveraged this niche network for a very specific research request. It proves to be highly valuable in terms of specific data research that was necessary for our project execution. I also appreciate the quick turnaround!"
    — Consultant, Global Management Consulting firm, Canada
  • "When I was working on a discovery-intensive litigation case, digging all of these online legal research databases was a nightmare! I B. Kim provided me with the right information at the right time"
    — Partner from a Leading Global Law firm, UK
  • "Before hiring the researcher, the ability to filter short-listed research approaches helped us in selecting the right fit for our request. The deliverable highly contributed to our content development project"
    — Knowledge Center Manager from a Leading Global Consulting firm, US
  • "I like the ad hoc style and Zursh open call system, it is very convenient. I will keep using Zursh researchers to help me validate some of my lab studies"
    — Chief Scientist, Global Pharmaceutical Company, US
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